Sponsors of the Project

Corporate Sponsors

Jim Simon from Capital Funding Advisors in Steamboat

Jamie from Snapon Tools in Steamboat

Laura Sefton - Architect - Laura donated her 1989 Honda Civic for its engine! - 970.879.4893

Marge at Carquest in Steamboat - For getting HALF the batteries needed for the project donated! - 970.879.1175

John Kerst - First National Bank of Steamboat Springs - 970.879.2993

RadioShack and Jackson's Office Supply in Steamboat Springs - 970.870.9999

Bryan - Doc's Auto Clinic - 970.871.1346

Graphic Connections

Little Moon Essentials - 888.273.0683

Spill the Beans Coffee Shop - 970.879.8859

Robert Miner - Dynamic Traders Group, Inc.

Jeff Campbell - Simply Solar Heating of Steamboat, Inc -

Mark at Matches Motors: Mark, in conjunction with Netgain, helped me with motor pricing and worked with me on the shipping. Thanks for your patience, Mark! http://www.matchesmotors.com/

Dennis and George at Netgain: Netgain helped a lot with motor pricing! Thanks! http://www.go-ev.com/

Otmar at Cafe Electric: Otmar threw in a fuse and a motor speed control, free of charge. Thanks for your patience, Otmar! http://www.cafeelectric.com/

Gail Holthausen - The Potter's Wheel - 970.879.4944

Charlie Holthausen - Black Diamond Automotive - 970.879.5300

Norm Weaver - Norm donated some money, and also helped to direct my fundraising efforts. InterWeaver Consulting

Ernie at Bruin Banner and Sign - Ernie will be supplying all the vinyl decals for the vehicle! 970.879.8716

Brock Webster - Orange Peel Bicycle Service - 970.879.2957

Northwest Data Services - Clay, Bryan, and John have all been very supportive as my employers. Thanks! 970.879.0734

Trace from Whitehall's BG Alpine Distributing - Trace has donated generously, despite his concerns that I might put him out of business with a vehicle that needs no lubricants! I've promised to use BG products in the transmission and differentials.

Alpine Taxi in Steamboat - Thanks Mike! 970.879.2800

TIC in Steamboat - They broke the sponsorship rules for me! - 970.879.2561

Individual Sponsors

Hugh Barnes

M. Barnes

Jacqueline Wolf

Brad, Angela and Andrew Worthen

Susan Bogen-Zarrabi

Jeremy Barnes

Barbara and Jupiter Jones from the Steamboat Car Club

Rory Clow

Chet and Carole Persons


Assistance with Advertising

Auto Trader Publications
Wheels and Deals
The Steamboat Pilot and Today

The Steamboat Local

Special Thanks

American Towing in Steamboat Springs: Park and Adam - 970.879.1252
--For locating the donor vehicle, and supplying bodyworking tools

Tom Ross at the Steamboat Pilot and Today - 970.879.1502
--For writing a fantastic article about the project!

Towny Anderson
--For making a world-class mentor of my project. Towny helped send me in the right direction on the fundraising side of things. Thanks Towny!

Nick Viera: www.driveev.com/
--For his fantastic advice and information regarding the conversion of a larger vehicle to electric / series hybrid.

Everyone on the EVDL: http://www.evdl.org/