Here's the unit (left) next to my dad's way-cool Vantage labscope, which is the next-best-thing to and oscilloscope. It's nice to have someone to borrow awesome tools from! The little black section on top is the converter itself, while the rest is all heatsink. Those are two heatsinks that I stole from some old Pentium II Xenon processors and bolted on. This is a bridge rectifier, a small heatsink, and 3 electrolytic capacitors that I soldered together to give me relatively clean, high voltage DC from a plugged-in AC source. This takes the place of a large battery pack for my testing purposes. I actually got about 150VDC out of this. The other side of the power source. Those are the capacitors I mentioned; they take out the 'ripple' from the rectified AC to make cleaner DC current.
And the whole thing hooked up. It works! Time to order another one. Note that I used alligator clip test leads on the high voltage side of things, which is probably not a good idea if you're planning on replicating this experiment.