Here's all the stuff that arrived today from Cafe Electric! Very exciting. An extremely nice looking controller!
These are the main two components; on the top is the box where the actual switching occurs. The device on the bottom is the "Hairball" interface, which deals with warning lights, computer interface and inputs.
This thing is liquid cooled! These are the fittings that I'll have to run coolant though. I plan on using a small radiator/heator core for heat exchanging.
Cabling, including the interfacing Cat-5 cable that goes between the power unit and the Hairball
More Info:
Here's one of two very large fuses that will go in-line with my traction battery pack.
The fuse again. Note the thickness of the insulation! These things are violent when they break current, and are beefed up accordingly
Here's a poor picture of the motor speed sensor. It's hard to see (I didn't want to open the bag prior to use) but it consists of a magnet that bolts to the tailshaft of the motor and a pickup that sends a signal to the Hairball.
I wrote a description of what the controller does the other day. If you missed it in the newspost, you can follow this link.